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Mini-caravan Bushcamp

Bushcamp – Off-road without limits

Do you want to experience true freedom and not to be limited by terrain features, or simply visit a place where no road leads? Our mini-caravan Bushcamp will follow you anywhere. Procamp specializes in the production, sale and full service of this off-road caravan. Everything only depends on your taste and requirements for your mini-caravan. For more information about off-road trailers, please contact us.

Price: Please contact your local dealer for exact prices and latest special offers.

 Standard color - white, other colors available and subject to charge.

Technical Parameters

Parameter Value
Curb weight 490 kg
Maximum weight on the drawbar 75 kg
Weight on the drawbar 30 kg
Maximum total weight 750 kg
Maximum load 260 kg
Outside body height 120 cm
Interior height 107 cm
Overall height of the caravan 180 cm
Overall width 220 cm
Body width without mudguards 154 cm
Interior width 148,5 cm
Overall length 395 cm
Outside body length 270 cm
Interior body length 200 cm
Mattress 200 x 148,5 x 10  cm
Dimensions of ceiling window 33,5 x 33,5 cm
Dimensions of tires / standard 235/75 R15

Bushcamp mini-caravan gallery

Minikaravany - katalóg

  • MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley
    MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley

    Britský prémiový výrobca mladých vozidiel prezentuje kompaktný luxusný obytný automobil v typickom vzhľade MINI na výrobe ktorého participovala aj slovenská spoločnosť Tavex s.r.o. z Prešova.

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